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The She Pop Show: Female Fronted Music From Around The World on MakerParkRadio

Forbidden Island with Tallahassee Tim and Kitty: Classic Surf, Punk, New Wave and Glam (and new music for people that like that kind of thing) on MakerParkRadio

Do the 45: 50's and 60's 45s on Hudson River Radio

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Kitty the Disc Jockey: New York Festivals Radio Awards Silver Trophy Winner
Category: Best Digital Music Program, USA, 2019
the She Pop show with kitty

Award Ceremony Recap Video:https://www.facebook.com/NYFRadioAwards/videos/515714109075945/

OR https://www.linkedin.com/posts/nyf-radio-awards_newyorkfestivals-ageofthestoryteller-storytellersgala-activity-6632713882291015680-QYpH

JUNE 24, 2019

World-wide since 1982, New York Festivals Radio Awards announced the 2019 winners.

New York Festivals Radio Awards Grand Jury awarded a wide spectrum of radio content submitted from 35 countries around the globe. Award-winning, podcasts and audiobooks, live events, dramas and documentaries, breaking news coverage, and multi-genre music specials were celebrated at the 2019 New York Festivals Radio Awards ceremony in Manhattan. For the complete list of award-winning radio entries, please visit: HERE.

Kitty the Disc Jockey: Voted Best DJ in the Staten Island Advance Reader's Poll-2015 and 2016

Read the entire article here : Staten Island's Best DJ: Single lady 'DJ Kitty' spins into the Sunset

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- She was a single lady before Beyonce ever donned her black leotard -- or before the song was even a file on someone's iPhone, for that matter.

In fact, most of the 45 records DJ Kitty spins at her monthly '60s dance parties harken back to a time when singles were created to be collected, not downloaded or streamed.

"To actually be paying attention, actively listening and getting on your feet and dancing -- to wholeheartedly participate and listen -- is the way it's supposed to be done," said DJ Kitty, also known as Karen Kalriess.