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SKA & Reggae

Ska, Reggae, Two-Tone, Dancehall 7"

A. Can’t Get Used to Losing You- The Beat (1983), Go-Feet, Feet 1 B. Spar Wid Me

A. Celebrate the Bullet- The Selecter (1981), Chrysalis, CHS S2-A B. Last Tango In Dub

A. Uptown Top Ranking- Althea & Donna (1978), Joe Gibbs B. Calico Suit- The Professionals

A. Grey Day- Madness (1981), Stiff, BUY112 (Picture Sleeve) B. Memories

A. Nothing Takes the Place of You- The Dualers (ND), Collector’s series 181/500, London International Ska Festival (Souvenir sleeve) B. Dolla Fe Dolla- Neol Davies

A. Ghost Town- The Specials, 2-Tone, CHS TTH 17 A, 40th Anniversary re-release (Picture sleeve) B. Why? Friday Night, Saturday Morning

A. Twist and Crawl- The Beat (1980), Go-Feet, Feet 1 (Label logo sleeve) B. Hands Off, She’s Mine

A. (Mumma was a) Bankrobber- Perkie & the Co-Operators (ND), Happy People, HPR69-7, Limited pressing 11/151 B. Dubbers Delight- Eeyun Purkins

A. Singer Man- Byron Lee & The Dragonaires (ND), Tiger, D-27 B. Freedom Street

A. Lee Van Cleef- King Stitt (ND), New Beat  B. Dance Beat- Clancy & Stitt

A. Rat Race- The Specials (1980), Two-Tone, CHS TT 11, (Label logo sleeve) B. Rude Boys Out of Jail

A. You Can Get It If You Really Want- Desmond Dekker (ND), Radio-Televizija Beograd/Ember, 14703AT (Picture Sleeve) B. Perseverance

A. Rudie Bam-Bam- The Clarendonians (ND), Coxsone, CN B. Be Bop Boy

A. Got Them Insane- Sean Paul/Luga Man (1998), Rude Boy B. Version Dis ‘n’ Dat- Andew Thomas/Steven Marsden

A. Young, Gifted, and Black- Bob and Marcia (1970), Harry J, HJ 6605-A B. Young, Gifted, and Black - The Jay Boys

A. On My Radio- The Selecter (1979), Two-Tone, CHS TT4 (Label logo sleeve) B. Too Much Pressure

A. Lorraine- Bad Manners (1980) Mini-EP, Magnet, MAG181 (Picture sleeve) B. Back in ‘60, Here Comes the Major

A. Love of the Common People- Eric Donaldson, Jaguar, J-15 B. Version- The Inner Circle

A. Oh Carolina- Junior Byles (1975), Micron B. Telephone Bill Too Big- Soul Syndicate

A. Carolina- The Folkes Brothers, Blue Beat (RE), 45/BB 30 B. I Met a Man

A. Too Nice to Talk To- The Beat (1980), Go-Feet (Arista), Feet 4 B. Psychedelic Rockers

A. She’s Got a Ticket- Sanchez/Flourgon & Daddy Lizard (1998), Fat Eyes B. Version

A. Sweet William- Millie (ND), Fontana, TF 479 B. Oh, Henry

A. Israelites- Desmond Dekker & The Aces (ND), Uni/Ember, 55129 B. My Precious World

A. Our House- Madness (1982), Geffen, 7-29668 (Picture sleeve) B. Cardiac Arrest

A. I Don’t Want to be Hurt- Millicent Todd (Patsy) (ND), Gay Feet (RE), DSR-SP7-53-A B. Certify My Love- Stranger & Patsy

A. The Israelites, It Mek, I Believe- Desmond Dekker (ND) Mini EP, Scoop 33, 7 SR 5043 B. You Can Get it If You Really Want, When I’m Cold, Please Don’t Bend

A. Let’s Do Rock Steady- Bodysnatchers (1980), Two-Tone, CHS TT9B. Ruder Than You

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